martes, 11 de junio de 2013

Legally Blond (Legally Blond in Latin America) is a comedy where is stereotyped women blonds as silly, but finally manages to prove otherwise. Elle Woods (Witherspoon) is a California girl, Linda, popular, rich, has a boyfriend, why many would be killed, called Warner, and others, is blond.However, although she believes that has it all, and only lacks the engagement ring, her boyfriend leaves her for not considered serious enough and responsible as to be his wife. But what Warner does not suspect is that his ex-girlfriend is now his main rival in the race of legal profession, in the Harvard Law School.
 The intention is well achieved critical and can, finally, demonstrating that the blonds also think, are serious and can be anything in life.I think it is a movie, they somehow "speaks" by women who are discriminated against by the mere fact of being blond. I can't find discriminating in any aspect and I believe that the representation of Reese Witherspoon is magnificent, and in some extent true. For many, and, primarily, for me, is an excellent defender, Attorney the blonds